What’s the concept of Pizzeria L’Operetta?

Pizzeria L’Operetta is a casual dining concept that characterized by a distinct ceiling and Italian Renaissance mural.  An impressive selection of appetizer, pizza and pasta with a glass of wine or beer that makes dining experience even more memorable.

The certification from AVPN (Associazone Verace Pizza Napoletana) assures that every step in preparing the dough and every single ingredient used in making the pizzas in Pizzeria L’Operetta are exactly the same like Napoli. These ingredients are baked quickly in 60-70 seconds in a 500 degrees wood burning oven. The pizzas are made using top quality toppings- with mozzarella and tomatoes imported straight from Napoli.

The pizza dough is made from Italian Caputo (type 00) and takes 14 hours for fermentation. It is made by the old Neapolitan recipe. The super-hot oven, handmade in Naples (Italy), is capable of reaching temperatures close to 500 degree Celsius. This high temperature is achieved because the oven is made using the volcanic rocks excavated from the quarries near Mount Vesuvius.

Must Try Pizza:


Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella, Salami, Chilli, Basil, Parmesan


Tomato Sauce, Chicken, Mozzarella, Red Onion, Green Chilli, Basil and Parmesan

Bella Napoli

Mozzarella of Bufala, Parma Ham, Rocket, Fresh Tomato and Parmesan



Pizzeria L’Operetta is a proud member of Associazione Verace Pizza Napoleta (AVPN) –The First in Singapore!

Pizza Napoletana is a 12 inch pizza with a raised edge crust and thin centre.  It is soft and elastic and easily foldable, you can even eat in using your hands!

Pizzeria L’Operetta only uses fresh, all-natural, non-processed ingredients imported from province of Naples in Campania region.

Pizzeria L’Operetta offers a well-orchestrated and well- priced meal you’ll surely enjoy! Promising subtle and light flavours with savvy food and wine pairing! One of the most mouth-watering stars at Pizzeria L’Operetta is undoubtedly its authentic Italian pizza baled to perfection in the imported wood-fired pizza oven.

Pizzeria L’Operetta exudes a buoyant and inviting ambiance perfect for family and friends who are looking for a Neapolitan way of enjoying pizza