Best Clothes for Apple Shaped Women

Clothes for Apple Shaped Women

The classic apple body frame is one of the most common forms of body that we commonly see around us. Apple-shaped body women have round and heavy-looking torso while their hips and thighs are comparatively small.

To be very simple, the Apple Shaped person can have their body defined as being well rounded in the mid-section. Those who own this form of the body, particularly around their tummy region, will most likely gain weight. Once it comes to natural body form, the use of proper dressing methods will help to accentuate or conceal parts of the body.

Every single person has a different type of body. Hormones also play a crucial role in forming a body structure, in addition to genetics. Apple frame is known as an android body type in the medical language. This type of body is dominated by a male, i.e. androgen hormone. Androgen allows the body fats to be secretly concentrated in and around the midsection.

Features of an Apple Body Shape

  • Small shoulders
  • Medium to broad busts
  • Wide midsection
  • Unknown waistline
  • Slimmer-looking limbs flatter hips
  • Well-shaped legs
  • WHR ratio is above 0.8

List of best clothes for an apple-shaped body

The apple-shaped figure is more likely to put on weight as we mentioned earlier. Yet there are still apple bodied girls with slender and intelligent body frame. You can’t end your natural shape. However, you can play around with your looks to create a visual balance for those sections you don’t think are great. Learn the best clothes for apple shaped women.

Flowy and Flouncy dresses

we will advise you to avoid wearing slim-fit and skinny tops to cope with your big belly; it would help to cover the voluminous sections on the chest. Choose soft fabrics from the Yishion Online that gently fall around your waistline and provide a cover.

Straight to A-line Silhouettes

Experts would suggest you wear A-line to straight profile for the kind of curves that you own. Whatever the outline, it is highly recommended to prevent excess bulk around the chest and waistline.


Be sure that you invest in the dresses that don’t have volume around your body parts like busts, and belly. With this body model, styles like tiered dresses, and high-waist pieces are not suitable. In short, remain fuss-free.

Shades and Prints

If you are overweight, go with dark shaded outfits or prints with diagonal stripes (even if you’re wearing jeans, prefer the ones in a darker shade). This will help you get an elongated and slimming body illusion.

Suitable Necklines

Since you have broad shoulders and heavy midsection, don’t overdo accessorize the top layer. Plunging and V-necklines look flattering on the body frame; they help to give your upper body an elongated feel. The necklines that wouldn’t suit are holding neckline, high neckline, boat neck and cut off the head.

Make sure you don’t wear anything on the neckline that has decorative designs it would not only add more to the shoulder width; it would also draw focus towards the top region.

Your limbs are your attractive features. You are free to choose any length you want for those well-defined legs, knee-length, floor-length or short skirts. Anything slim (skinny jeans and leggings) can be the best-fitted piece for your legs; all you need is to pair it with a breezy top.

You can easily go sleeveless with those slender sides. If you’re a kind of downplay lady, just cover up your arms with fitted sleeves. We mentioned fitted because your heavy bosom and tummy area will create a pleasant balance with fitted sleeves.

Layer up

Layering up is important and is one of the best clothes for apple-shaped women especially in winter. For apple bodied people, layering up rules is pretty easy. You can wear any type of blazer or jacket vest, trench coat, particularly those that reach above your upper thighs or hip line.

Don’t ignore the belt

This would not be a good idea to belt your unknown waistline. Just keep away, big or small, from the belts.

Emphasize your upper body

Your upper body is one of the most stunning features you possess. You need to stress it, instead of covering it up. The first step to do so is to wear a high-quality upper garment. Cleavage top from Yishion Online is yet another trick to divert attention from heavy tummy to the upper body.

Fashion Accessories

Move around your hands and arms for jewelry-feel free to wear bracelets and rings. It’s recommended that you avoid intricate necklaces with a heavy upper body. If you don’t wear anything around your neck it would be okay.

Wrap up

Everybody’s body shape comes with a different silhouette — the only thing you can do to match the proportions is to dress up accordingly. We hope you would have been influenced in some way or the other by the rules we canvassed above.

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