Have a Look of Korean Fashion Trend for 2020

Korean Fashion Trend

Like Korean movies, Korean fashion clothing are taking the world by storm. People are getting attracted to Korean fashion and is getting increased everywhere across the globe. You might have noticed the latest Korean fashion trends from actresses in Korea. Korean fashion has now reached all over the world and the people from many parts of the country prefer Korean dressing style. If you want to know about the latest fashion trends in Korea, discover it here.

Women’s Latest Fashion

Though many parts of the world are following the Korean fashion, the people in Singapore are crazy about their dressing style. A vast number of ecommerce shopping sites in Singapore are flooded with the latest Korean fashion. Yishion is one of the leading ecommerce sites, which are available with men’s and women’s latest Korean fashion. The following are some of the women’s Korean fashion that is followed by ladies in Singapore. 

Plaid Skirts 

A lot of the most popular Korean celebrities are wearing these plaid skirts. Even though it has come from the early 90s, it was inspired now and in the current trending. The Korean artists are wearing these plaid skirts with bold tops, but you can rock this trend in a way you want. The Plaid Skirt with a simple ribbed shirt or an oversized sweater will make a perfect match. If the weather in Singapore is warmer, you could also try the plaid skirt with T-shirts. Either way, you are going to wear a Korean outfit that looks great. 

Oversized T-Shirts

If you go back a few years ago, you might be able to see a lot of women wore t-shirts that were a little more fitted. But in this modern era, the fitted T-shirts are outdated, and the oversized T-shirts are in current trending. If you want to wear a T-shirt and nothing else, you can go with these oversized t-shirts. In fact, a lot of people in Singapore are wearing T-shirts that are so larger than their actual size. This will be the best outfit when you are going to attend any party or unofficial meeting. You can put together with a pair of bike shorts. 

Pop of Colors

Neutral colors would be nice, but they are outdated and the latest fashion in Korean is big shades or bright Colors. You can wear brighter colors because of nautical looks. Even though you prefer brighter colors and worried that the outfit you are putting together is a little embarrassing. But there are plenty of ways available to avoid this embarrassment. The selection of the bottom for the brighter color tops will be the best way to solve the problem. Whenever you are selecting the big shades tops, you can select the neutral color bottom. Most of the popular artists and celebrities in Korean are following this latest fashion. 

Men’s Latest Fashion

In addition to women’s fashion, men’s fashion in Korea is different from the normal men’s dressing style. Here are some of the latest trends in men’s fashion. 


Dressing in one hue from head to toe appears completely effortless and has a cool look for the guy. And so, it is no wonder that the men in Korea are following this latest trend. Contrasting top and bottom are old fashioned, and the monochromatic outfits are top in the Korean fashion. By technical, monochrome stands for single color and you can take some liberties. Your individual outfits need not be the same shade; instead, you can mix in patterns from the same color family. 

Mix and Match

The trend that is contradicted to monochrome is mix and match. Here you can break every rule and need not follow any trends at all. Pile on the accessories, choose layer shorts and pants, wear vests over jackets, or wear two clashing colors and anything that goes with this trend adds beauty. The mix and match will be suitable, while you are going for any vacation or trip. This mix and match clothing style are having a separate fan base among the people, who like the taste of fashion. 


Athleisure has gained steady popularity for the past few years in Korean fashion and spread to many parts of the world. With this Athleisure style, you can feel more comfortable and stylish enough to go literally anywhere. In the Athleisure trend, you are allowed to wear different branded clothes. You can add additional beauty by wearing long jackets. 

Never Miss the Korean Fashion Craze

If you want to change your dressing style, you can probably go with the Korean Latest fashion. These fashions are creating the classic and cool look for men and elegant and royal look for the women. So, grab your favourite Korean clothes and makeover your style to Korean fashion.

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